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Bling, bling, she found her ring!


The Patchogue woman who took to social media for help after frantically searching for a lost engagement ring she believed slipped off her finger at the Patchogue Christmas Parade has found her ring. 

Below, Magan Pomak tells us what happened, how she came to find her ring, and then issues a heartfelt thanks for all the prayers, and Facebook shares.

My old friend Kim from middle school had actually dreamt of my ring being in a drawer or bowl containing miscellaneous items, a type of junk drawer.

My mother-in-law dreamt it was in something gray, located near a yellow bird or a drawing.

They both ended up being right.

I had searched every nook and cranny of my apartment, looking for something that fit this description.

And about five times, I even checked under my bed, in the exact container where I eventually found the ring. After I started to lose hope, I decided to continue my search again. I searched every drawer, container and bowl, with no luck.

I finally sat on my floor and pulled out this gray container for the last time.

As I sat, I cried, and asked Saint Anthony to please help me find my ring. I opened the container and started slowly taking out each piece, and reading through these funny memories and notes passed in class between Kim and I.

I also pulled out a watercolor painting of a bird I had drawn years earlier. As I got to the center of this large container, I started sorting through tiny knick-knacks from childhood.

Sitting in the middle of everything, was the ring!

I thought I was dreaming; I could not believe I found it.

I’m really not sure how I missed it. That same day I went to the parade I was rummaging around the gray container looking for origami paper because I was making paper cranes for Christmas. (It’s also worth mentioning a picture of Kim had fallen out as I was doing this!)

But the parade was when I thought I lost it. I was distracted with the huge crowd and I have a memory of hearing something fall, but I didn’t see anything when I looked on the ground. Also, I checked my apartment so many times, the parade was the only logical solution.

I am so appreciative and touched by all the support and love this past week during my ordeal. I want to thank everyone who was hoping and praying for me.

My Christmas spirit has been restored, and I am even more excited for my wedding.

Photo: Magan Pomak and her fiancé, Chris Douris. (Courtesy selfie)

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