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Put your best face forward (for free!) with Benny Migs Photo

Michael, Abigail, Suzanne and Owen White of (Benny Migs Photo)

Reserve your spot today! 631-831-8858 or

Are you tired of your grainy Facebook profile pic? Do you think you look like a psycho in your LinkedIn selfie?

If so, then start the new year with a new face, while offering a helping hand.

Grab a non perishable food item and head to the Benny Migs Photo studio and headquarters in Patchogue for a free social media photo session.

Benny Migliorino, a Long Island native and award-winning national magazine photographer, is opening the space at 58 Waverly Avenue on Dec. 30 for some fun, 5-minute photo shoots.

Don’t worry about this taking all day; you will be in and out, so long as you sign up ahead of time.

“I figured this is a nice way for people to have a good time with professional photos; think of it as the opposite of dressing up in your Sunday’s best for Sears Portrait Studio in the 1980s,” Migliorino said.

Benny Migs Photo took up shop at 58 Waverly Avenue with founder Michael White in November.

“Sure, everyone’s got a camera on their phone nowadays, and everyone snapping pictures, but let a pro like Benny Migs show you how it’s really done,” White said. “You’ll be sure to stand out in any social media feed.”

Those looking to get their photos taken should contact Benny Migs Photo via email or call ahead of time to secure a spot. 

The studio will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. that Wednesday.

There will be complimentary coffee available from Roast Coffee & Tea Trading Co. in Patchogue, as well as free Greater Patchogue stickers and $15 tee shirts — with a third of the proceeds from the shirts going to help feed the hungry.

All that’s being asked for are non-perishable food items for a local pantry.

“With all the Christmas food drives wrapping up weeks ago, we figured now is a good time to keep the momentum going with donations and awareness before a long, cold winter,” Migliorino said.

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Top: Michael, Abigail, Suzanne and Owen White of (Benny Migs Photo)

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