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Great Eats: Five sushi rolls you’ll be happy you tried this winter

Choosing from the dozens of unique sushi rolls within the Greater Patchogue area is a daunting task, but help has arrived, so get your chopsticks ready.

Here are five sushi rolls you need to try right now.

Patchogue Roll

Patchogue Roll, Sumou, East Patchogue

Sumou was the best-kept secret for a time in Greater Patchogue, but the secret is out and their rolls are all pretty tempting. The Patchogue Roll is a favorite among many because it combines the freshness of fish and fruit, but also adds crunch and spice. The Patchogue Roll includes spicy tuna, salmon, yellowtail tuna and avocado. It’s topped with spicy king crabmeat, kani (crab meat), strawberries and orange-colored seaweed.

John’s Mom Roll, Mizu Ken Sushi, Bayport

When I first tried this uniquely named roll, I had an irrational thought, “Is that bacon I taste?” Of course not, dummy. So, no bacon (sorry to disappoint), but inside that marble seaweed you will find shrimp tempura, snow crab, avocado and cucumber, with tobiko (flying fish roe) and spicy mayo to top it off.

This roll does have cooked components, so sushi purists may cast it aside, but they shouldn’t. What they should do is introduce it to their uncle who refuses to eat sushi because the only fish he eats are crab cakes and clam strips. He will be pleasantly surprised, even if you have to order him a pint of Sapporo to wash it down.


Winter Roll, Hoshi Sushi & Hibachi, Patchogue

When Hoshi arrived on Main Street, everyone was happy that sushi had finally made it to downtown Patchogue. Not only had sushi arrived, but hibachi as well and the place is posh, but still family-friendly. The Winter Roll is a favorite because it includes tuna, salmon, yellowtail and is topped with crunchy spicy crab meat.

With the roll also enveloped in sticky rice, the seaweed is not the first thing you taste, which is a palate pleaser for some. Hoshi also has a plentiful lunch menu with 23 rolls to choose from; even though these are not exactly their specialty rolls, they are still great, like the Spicy Tuna Roll or the Shrimp Tempura Roll.


Mango Madness Roll, 360 Taiko, Patchogue

This restaurant is gorgeous and its rolls are just as pretty. If you didn’t know any better, you would think you were in Vegas, with the red lanterns peering down from the ceiling, dark furnishings and round, secluded booths.

Mango Madness includes an interesting melding of flavors. The roll includes salmon and avocado, but it’s topped with fresh lobster, mango, shrimp, tuna and then drizzled with sweet chili mayo overtop.

“The sauce that the sushi chefs put on it is awesome. It’s a combination of sweet and spicy, which complements the fresh mango and the fish included in the roll,” said diner Lisa Galasso of Patchogue.

Spicy Tuna Roll

Spicy Tuna Roll, The Fish Store, Bayport

On Thursdays, people pour in day and night to enjoy Sushi Thursdays at The Fish Store with Japanese Master Sushi Chef Masanori. Locals who remember Chef Masanori know him as the former owner of Heisei, which was located on West Main Street in Patchogue.

Fortunately, for the Greater Patchogue area, he is back and serving up fresh sushi every Thursday in Bayport. The most popular roll at The Fish Store is the Spicy Tuna Roll. It includes spicy tuna wrapped with seaweed and sticky rice, and topped with spicy mayo. It’s a staple that’s so very elevated in the expert hands of Chef Masaroni. So, what are your plans for next Thursday?

About the author: Melissa Kuehnle

Melissa Kuehnle is a Medford resident and lover of all things edible. She blogs about food from the Greater Patchogue area and beyond at