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Calling artists and photogs; Bellport’s festival poster contest is underway

The Bellport Chamber of Commerce is seeking submissions from local artists and photographers as it gets set to produce its annual Bellport Festival poster.

For those looking to enter this year’s open contest, scroll down for detailed instructions.

In the meantime, here’s a sampling of eight posters dating back to 1999:

Bellport Race Day/oil painting by Mary Reay

Bellport Race Day/oil painting by Mary Reay


Patrice Casanova photo ‘Rare Occasions’ from the mid-1970’s

acrylic painting by Stephen Klein

acrylic painting by Stephen Klein


photo by LuAnn Thompson: Ice Boats on the Bay from 2004 vintage map super imposed on background.


oil painting by Larry Johnston view from the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Bellport

Watercolor by Br. Gerard Cormier

watercolor by Br. Gerard Cormier

Watercolor by Emily Czaja

watercolor by Emily Czaja


2015 Reflections/Bellport Dock by Eric Laskowski

Poster Contest 3

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