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Letter: A fatally flawed intersection in Medford

I reside on Old Medford Avenue in Medford with my husband and two children.

Our road carries extra traffic that overflows from Route 112 and North Ocean Avenue. It’s also the same road as Brookhaven Town Hall.

There is an intersection on our block that is of major concern for motorist safety.

Years ago, the service road was never in place here, the residents came out against it but one was still put in. A few years after, traffic lights were eventually put in. Even with the traffic lights in place there were many accidents because of motorists speeding past the red lights. This makes it a hazard for the upcoming traffic and residents approaching from Old Medford Avenue.

Due to the bridge in place, there is a major blind spot traveling under. Therefore, those who are speeding and those who can’t see are taking a major risk entering through the intersection. It’s like closing your eyes and driving. I cringe every time I go through there.

I have been trying to avoid going through, but sometimes it just can’t be avoided. This is the direct route to my daughter’s elementary school. Her school buses travel through here as well as buses from other districts with children!

I have created a petition in hopes that a safer alternative can be put in place. I have spoken to Sal at the Town of Brookhaven who also agrees with my efforts. He cannot help me because the issue is coming from motorists who travel on the North and South Service Roads. These roads are handled by NYS Department of Transportation in Hauppauge.

I have inspected other roads of this sort where there is a bridge in place near service roads and they all have some gap in between the bridge and the traffic so that it is easier to see any cars upon approaching the intersection. Our intersection is just the bridge and then the traffic.

The picture that accompanies this letter shows this.

I have requested records of all accidents from this intersection from the Public Works department from 2004 until present and am still waiting. I have also gotten signatures from my neighbors who are also in full support and know the tragedies that have occurred here.

Please consider signing this and sharing with your friends and family so we can protect our families and children.

This petition will then be sent to the DOT by mail. Thank you. Visit the petition here.

Teresa Consolmagno, MEDFORD

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