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Mead publishes Blue Point artist’s first adult coloring book, Shorelines

Mead Adult Coloring Book: Pam Varacek Shorelines by Mead Academie

Mead Adult Coloring Book: Pam Varacek Shorelines by Mead Academie

There’s an adult coloring craze that’s sweeping the nation, and now you can jump on board while still “keeping it local.”

Blue Point artist Pam Varacek just saw her first adult coloring book published by Mead.

It became available through just last week.

“It feels amazing to see my work published,” Varacek told “That all my hard work has paid off. It truly is a dream come true, stemming back from when I was young and spent many hours coloring in psychedelic coloring books from the 70’s.

“I used to say to myself that someday I will make my own, not knowing that that dream would actually come true.”

Many bloggers and artists feel adult coloring is not a fad at all, but something that will soon be part of people’s everyday lives as they seek ever-elusive ways to relax and unwind.

Adult coloring books even have their own category page on Amazon.

But Varacek says there’s a lot of low-quality books on the shelves, adding she put the time in to ensure her books stand out from the rest. 

“I hope to create many more and then create other types of coloring items, such as a journal and inspirational cards,” she said.

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