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Patchogue Village to clear Oak Street home for workforce housing


A boarded-up house on Oak Street that’s owned by Suffolk County is being turned over to Patchogue Village for a unit of workforce housing.

The Village Board voted unanimously Monday night to accept the property through what’s called the county’s 72H program.

Suffolk County had come to possess the house through unpaid taxes.

“Through that program, a house that is taken because of tax reasons is turned over to a local municipality, be it a town or village, and it must be used for affordable housing,” said Patchogue Mayor Paul Pontieri.

The village will be working with Long Island Housing Partnership to find a suitable family to purchase the new home.

“They’ll be doing the qualifying and the lottery and we’ll get a nice family living there,” Pontieri said.

Through government grants, the Housing Partnership is able to build and sell houses at below market value, probably to the tune of $200,000-$225,000 for a $300,000 house, the mayor speculated.

To quality, potential homeowners must show enough income to quality to pay for the mortgage yet, typically, make no more than 80 percent of the county’s median household income.

“So you’re talking about $90,000 combined wages,” Pontieri said. “Maybe a new teacher and a police officer.”

The property will also be fully taxed by the town, village, schools and other taxing districts.

Caption: The building at 96 Oak Street as it appeared Monday. (Michael White)

About the author: Michael White

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